Hidden device types

The Device owner abilities can be extended to make certain device types invisible to certain users for licensing reasons. Only lab administrators can set a particular device type to owners only. All devices of this type will then be hidden and only users who own at least one device of this type or are a member of a group which owns at least one device of this type will be able to see the device type.

Other users will not be able to access the job output, device status transition pages or bundle streams of devices of a hidden type. Devices of a hidden type will be shown as Unavailable in tables of test jobs and omitted from tables of devices and device types if the user viewing the table does not own any devices of the hidden type.

Anonymous users will be assumed to not have permission to view any hidden device types.

Changes needed when managing a hidden device type

Private test job visibility

Public visibility cannot be used with any device of a hidden type. Group visibility must be accessible to the user submitting the job (who must also be an owner or a member of an owner group for a device of this type).

Health Checks

A health check is run by the lava-health user, so to use health checks with a hidden device type, this user must be added as a member of a group which owns at least one device of the hidden type.

Note that the device type is already hidden, so adding a health check is still recommended. Any detailed information visible via the device type detail page regarding Device type template will only be visible to users who already have submit permission on a device of this type.