LAVA Migrate Management CommandΒΆ

There is a management command known as migrate-lava which is analogous to django-admin migrate command. The migrate-lava command is a forked version of django upstream’s django-admin migrate command, except for the option –db-dry-run. The –db-dry-run option does a dry-run of the migrations and prints the SQL statements that will be executed as part of the migrations.

The SQL statements allow administrators to workaround issues when a database migration times out during package installation. Admins can apply the SQL directly through the psql command line to avoid the timeouts, then fake the migration to complete the package install. This is only necessary on very large data sets when a migration modifies one of the largest tables, e.g. TestJob.

Most administrators will not need to use migrate-lava - it is provided to assist in a limited number of instances.


Take great care using migrate-lava to apply database migrations directly using the SQL statements. Refer to the django documentation for detailed information on faking migrations.

See for details about django-admin migrate

This is inspired by the –db-dry-run option of south migrations as explained in

There was a request in django upstream for this functionality which went through discussion and the upstream decided to provide an alternate solution such as django-admin sqlmigrate command as detailed in

Though django-admin sqlmigrate command exists, at the current state it lacks support for calculating pending migrations across all the apps and providing the SQL statements for unmigrated apps.

For complete help on migrate-lava command, use the following:

$ sudo lava-server manage migrate-lava --help